The Word Wizard! Salacious

Keep your Fridays funky and fresh…and nerd out with your word out. ;D

To continue the trend of last week’s obfuscate, I picked another word whose sound suppports its definition. This way, if you hear the word and need help remembering what it means, you just have to taste it out.

Speaking of taste…

salacious (adj.) : arousing or appealing to sexual desire or imagination.


Example: The way I eat mangos is freaking salacious.

Take a private moment with this one. Say it slowly. Put a little naughty voice behind it. Let your tongue linger on that lovely ‘L’…whisper the ‘sh’ to keep it close by. Notice how your mouth just curls into a smile when it’s over.

*blinks* Well, hot damn. Vocab is fun.

Now, if you don’t mind, I need to go find some cold water. Thanks for playing, and stay tuned for next time… *sha-zaam!*

The Word Wizard Philosophy: The purpose of language is to communicate. An expanded vocabulary allows you to express yourself more precisely and have greater conversational satisfaction. Unfortunately, people often use big words to intimidate rather than connect. So what to do if you’re word nerd? Lend some context, and have fun with it. You can still indulge in your nerdy desires if you help your listeners and readers with responsible dosage.

Definition from Merriam-Webster

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