New Liberalism, or Evolution of a Bleeding Heart

Evolution of a Bleeding Heart

Evolution of a Bleeding Heart

Doing something a little different today with The Word Wizard. There’s lots of radical ideas, both in the ‘awesome’ definition of the word, and the ‘whoa, that’s way too out there for me’ definition. I’m hoping that, rather than digging our heels in further, we can find some agreement on solving current problems to better the world for future generations. It starts with being honest about our own shortcomings, and the gaps in between ideology and practice.

(Check out Matthew Kalkman and New Liberalism for more info on “timeless freedom”. “Oh my gosh, he’s CANADIAN?!?” But really, it’s only moderately shocking. *Ba-dum-CH!*)


The Word Wizard! Usurp

smurk media word wizard image

“Seen any monsters?”

I love friendly monsters. I mean, who doesn’t? These little guys came by for a visit, and they were a kick in the imaginary pants.

Keep your Fridays funky and fresh…and nerd out with your word out. ;D

This week’s word — usurp — is one I’ve always had a hard time with. I think it’s the doubled long ‘u’ sound; it makes my mouth all noodly. So what better time to combine the ‘sounds-like’ learning trick with the wacky conversation trick? Remember: If you can picture someone using a new word in conversation, it makes it easier to remember. And the more ridiculous the characters, the better. [enter: silly monsters…]

usurp (v.) : “to seize and hold… in possession by force or without right; to take or make use of without right.”

smurk media usurp word wizard definition

That tricksy slurpalasaurus….

Happy Friday, word nerds. And watch out for stealthy monsters at lunchtime. *sluuuuurrrrp!*

Cartoons are original drawings by Stephanie Murphy.

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The Word Wizard! Lugubrious

keep your fridays funky and fresh smurk media

The Word Wizard jams out.

Keep your Fridays funky and fresh…and nerd out with your word out. ;D

Sticking with the quasi-onomatopoeia-trend of salacious and obfuscate, here’s another word whose sound suppports its definition. Just remember: the way you say it helps you remember what it means.

lugubrious (adj.) : “mournful, dismal, or gloomy, especially in an affected, exaggerated, or unrelieved manner.”

What a meandering word. Just takin’ its sweet time getting anywhere. It’s almost slimy on purpose for the sake of being annoying. Like that little kid — sibling, neighbor, cousin, summer camper, etc. — you take care of whose limbs weigh 1000 lbs. when they don’t want to do anything.

lugubrious definition smurk cartoon

The Word Wizard Philosophy: The purpose of language is to communicate. An expanded vocabulary allows you to express yourself more precisely and have greater conversational satisfaction. Unfortunately, people often use big words to intimidate rather than connect. So what to do if you’re word nerd? Lend some context, and have fun with it. You can still indulge in your nerdy desires if you help your listeners and readers with responsible dosage.

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The Word Wizard! This week: Obfuscate

Days are busy. The work week is long. With all you’ve got to do, sometimes it’s hard to feel like your mind is getting the nuggets it needs.

To keep your mind sharp and sassy, and your Fridays funky and fresh, may I present to you…

The Word Wizard! *Ka-POW*

Motto: Nerd out with your word out.

Philosophy: The purpose of language is to communicate. An expanded vocabulary is great, because it allows you to express yourself more precisely. Unfortunately, big words become a bummer when they’re used to intimidate rather than connect with people. So what to do if you’re word nerd?? Give some context. You can still indulge in a growing vocabulary, just help your listeners and readers out with responsible dosage.

To support this idea, I’m kicking things off with…

obfuscate (v.): To deliberately confuse, bewilder, or stupefy, usually with extraneous information or muddled syntax.

Example: “Dude, did you read that guy’s email? It seems like he’s obfuscating the intention of his project. Kinda sketchy, bro…”

**Double word score!**: When the sound of a word reinforces its meaning, I get extra stoked, because it proves that language is awesome. In the case of ‘obfuscate,’ the first reaction to hearing it is usually, “Saywhaaa?” Yup, that’s it exactly.


Stay tuned for next week… *Poof*!

(Images found at Shoplet Blog.)