The Word Wizard! Segue

Keep your Fridays funky and fresh…and nerd out with your word out. ;D 

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Connecting the dots ;D

Beloved by some and laughed at by all, Gob (pronounced like the Biblical ‘Job’) Bluth cemented The Segway into our cultural memories. So much so, in fact, that the common spelling of the verb has shifted. Google searchers ask, ‘Is it segway or segue?’ (And I started my search with ‘segueway.’ Eeeshk.)

For my college buds who studied Italian, check this out: ‘segue’ comes from the Italian seguire. But no matter how it’s spelled or where it comes from, the act of getting from one point to another is crucial to storytelling, and it isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

Today I’m trying to reach 10,000 total views to my blog. I’ll be re-sharing different posts on good ol’ Facebook, and I’m experimenting with different ways of segueing from post to post, connecting the train of dots that exist in my mind, but isn’t always clear to readers. Let’s see how this goes, and if you want to help out, explore some more Word Wizard cartoons by checking out the index. They’re good for a clink ‘n’ a smile 🙂

segue: v.  “to move seamlessly from one activity to another.” n. “an uninterrupted transition from one piece of music or film scene [or blog post ;D] to another.”

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Cartoons are original drawings by Stephanie Murphy.


The Word Wizard! Kerfuffle

Keep your Fridays funky and fresh…and nerd out with your word out. ;D

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“Hey– what’s all that racket?! What are you doing causing a ruckus?”

But sometimes a ruckus is fun, especially on Fridays! There’s so much hustle and bustle anyway, what with the weekend coming ‘n all. It couldn’t hurt to ‘fluff’ the air a bit, could it? I mean, you never know what you might find…

This week’s word is one of my favorites: fun to say, fun to animate, and it brings out the kiddy giggles like no other. So I gotta ask… what kinds of kerfuffle are you koordinatin’ this weekend?

kerfuffle: n. commotion; disorder. v. to put into disorder or disarray.

kerfuffle definition smurk cartoon

Ker says, “Where are all these “pffts” coming from? Curious…”

Apparently the word kerfuffle is a “chiefly British” word. Funny, I didn’t know Brittans had chiefs… ;D

Check out the Word Wizard index for more goofy nerdy wordy cartoons!

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Cartoons are original drawings by Stephanie Murphy.


The Word Wizard! Murmur

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Delight and mischief– what fun 😉

Keep your Fridays funky and fresh…and nerd out with your word out. ;D

This week’s word — murmur — just tickles me pink. It makes me think of slumber parties and crushes, of that feeling that there’s something bigger and more exciting than yourself out there, just waiting to be heard, smelled, tasted. And as usual for The Word Wizard, thinking about what it sounds-like, and whispering it to yourself, helps all the more to feel its meaning.

murmur: 1. (v.) “to say something in a low, soft, or indistinct voice. 2. (n.) a soft, [whispering] sound made by a person or group of people speaking quietly or at a distance.”

examples of murmur smurk media

“Oooo, intrigue…”

Something’s definitely in the air this year. I wonder what it means…

Cartoons are original drawings by Stephanie Murphy.

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The Word Wizard! Priggish

Keep your Fridays funky and fresh…and nerd out with your word out. ;D

This week’s Word Wizard is just for fun. I’m the worst at priggishness, because being a nerdy awkward kid will do that to you. I dedicate this ‘toon to anyone who’s ever had to sit through class with me.

priggish (adj.): 1. Demonstrating an exaggerated conformity or propriety, especially in an irritatingly arrogant or smug manner. 2. prig (n.): A conceited dandy.

definition of priggish image, smurk
The Lonesome Life of Cattie Sparrow.
Definition from Cartoon by Stephanie Murphy.

The Word Wizard! Insha’allah

Friday’s are great for rituals. A morning run, your favorite lunch spot, prayers, phone calls, funky vocab, you know, personal enrichment stuff. Fridays also tend to bring a lot of chaos, maybe even some lost sanity. When I gotta let it go, I think ‘insha’allah.’

Lots of common Arabic phrases contain the word ‘Allah,’ or ‘God’. ‘Masha’allah is a praise to artistic beauty. ‘Bismillah’ invokes the name of Freddie Mercury. I mean…God. (Same dif.)


Insha’allah means ‘God willing / if God wills it’. It’s often used in response to direct questions about the future. I love the phrase because its meaning is flexible, and I don't think you have to believe in God to relate to it. Look:

“When is the wedding ceremony?”
“On the 8th, insha’allah.” <– 'if we are lucky enough to be on schedule with God/the universe/everything'

"When are you getting to the airport?"
"At 6 pm, insha'allah, insha'allah." <– 'if all goes as it should'

"Are we meeting for coffee next week?"
"Oh, that would be nice, insha'allah, insha'allah" <– 'We'll see.'

Sometimes I think of it as 'Ya never know what's possible.', or 'So much is out of our control– just chill out.'

Granted, I'm just a white girl from California who says 'dude' too much. I could be getting this all wrong. But hey, it's been one of those weeks. Crazyawesomemindblowing shit, plus wickedtwistedsickening turns of events. So to keep it pretty brief this week, I’ll close this mini spotlight on Islam with an appropriate joke from Jewish America.

"How do you make God laugh?"
"Tell Him your plans."


And for an extra dose of holy, or because I just couldn’t help it:


Image from,, and Third Strike.

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Yea, teleportation would be freaking suh-weeeeet. No more waiting in traffic, at bus stops, airport terminals… you get the idea. But until that glorious day when Scotty can beam me up, humans will continue to invent ridiculous ways of getting themselves places. Whether it’s in subways, over water, or through the air, Icarus and Daedalus have got nothing on these folks.

1. Use foot traffic to fuel subways: Ever wished that all that walking went toward something useful, besides burning off dessert? Geez, the energy crisis would be solved! (Well. . . maybe.) Tokyo subways stations are the busiest in the world, so the Japanese government has installed 25 square meters of piezoelectric floor tiles in front of turnstiles in two of its stations. Basically, when people step on them, the tiles absorb and store the vibrations, then that energy can be used to run the subway. WhooOOooaaa. Arigato, Japan…

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Oh shoot, that person just told me their name 15 seconds ago. Aaaand…it’s gone. Blast! If it weren’t for that shiny object in the corner. . . ooo cheese dip! (Focus.) Are ya tired of new names slipping through the cracks and wormholes of your mind? Never fear, help is here. Jump down the wormhole. Work with that scattered brain. Make the most of its cray-cray moves. Try tricking yourself into saying a name twice in your head, with something amusing and relevant (in your imagination) in the middle. Getting distracted has never been so productive! Give it a shot:

1. Find weird connections using the music being played in the moment. “His name is Jake. Omg, I love Nicki Minaj. What other famous people have a name ending in -icki? Whatever happened to Ricki Lake? I just met Jake.” Booyah.

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