The Word Wizard! This week: Obfuscate

Days are busy. The work week is long. With all you’ve got to do, sometimes it’s hard to feel like your mind is getting the nuggets it needs.

To keep your mind sharp and sassy, and your Fridays funky and fresh, may I present to you…

The Word Wizard! *Ka-POW*

Motto: Nerd out with your word out.

Philosophy: The purpose of language is to communicate. An expanded vocabulary is great, because it allows you to express yourself more precisely. Unfortunately, big words become a bummer when they’re used to intimidate rather than connect with people. So what to do if you’re word nerd?? Give some context. You can still indulge in a growing vocabulary, just help your listeners and readers out with responsible dosage.

To support this idea, I’m kicking things off with…

obfuscate (v.): To deliberately confuse, bewilder, or stupefy, usually with extraneous information or muddled syntax.

Example: “Dude, did you read that guy’s email? It seems like he’s obfuscating the intention of his project. Kinda sketchy, bro…”

**Double word score!**: When the sound of a word reinforces its meaning, I get extra stoked, because it proves that language is awesome. In the case of ‘obfuscate,’ the first reaction to hearing it is usually, “Saywhaaa?” Yup, that’s it exactly.


Stay tuned for next week… *Poof*!

(Images found at Shoplet Blog.)