Discussion: “Occupy X” Movement

This was originally a Facebook note addressed to approximately 30 friends and posted October 8, 2011, three weeks after the start of Occupy Wall Street. To view their comments, please visit the link above.

What do you think about the Occupy movements? I’ve got a lot more mixed feelings than a single post can iterate, and I don’t think I’m the only one. I’m curious to hear your support/criticism/undecided misgivings.

What I’ve been pondering over: Community organizers (and members) work incredibly hard to fight systemic inequalities every day through painstaking mediation, long-term education programs, and legislative lobbying. These undertakings are far more nuanced, and I think challenging, than protesting in the street. Protest, however, has played a crucial role in our country’s political history. Can a movement affect lasting change without unified goals or a decision-making body? Is the act of speaking up more important than having a clear strategy for implementing policy?

If you’ve been tagged in this post, it’s because I value your political opinions and have appreciated your thoughtful input in the past. Comment as you wish, and let’s see if this experiment works.