The Word Wizard! Cacophony

smurk media word wizard image

Stirring it up again, are ya?

This week’s word wizard is inspired by the recently riotous rhetoric surrounding U.S. presidential elections. There’s been a lot of hootin’-n-hollerin’ about silly things like ‘fact-checking,’ women’s issues, and the environment. I know I’ve added my fair share to the chorus. But like this…rooster…<<.>>…signalling the start of another day, we can sometimes benefit from the noise. I mean, we needed a wake-up call anyway, right? And besides, it feels good to expel some hot air, get things out in the open. Even if, on first hearing, you have a strong urge to throttle the rooster.

Keep your Fridays funky and fresh…and nerd out with your word out. ;D

cacophony: a harsh discordance or meaningless mixture of sound; (music) frequent use of dissonance, sounding a stark relationship that’s difficult to understand.

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Images are original drawings by Stephanie Murphy.