The Word Wizard! Kerfuffle

Keep your Fridays funky and fresh…and nerd out with your word out. ;D

smurk media word wizard image



“Hey– what’s all that racket?! What are you doing causing a ruckus?”

But sometimes a ruckus is fun, especially on Fridays! There’s so much hustle and bustle anyway, what with the weekend coming ‘n all. It couldn’t hurt to ‘fluff’ the air a bit, could it? I mean, you never know what you might find…

This week’s word is one of my favorites: fun to say, fun to animate, and it brings out the kiddy giggles like no other. So I gotta ask… what kinds of kerfuffle are you koordinatin’ this weekend?

kerfuffle: n. commotion; disorder. v. to put into disorder or disarray.

kerfuffle definition smurk cartoon

Ker says, “Where are all these “pffts” coming from? Curious…”

Apparently the word kerfuffle is a “chiefly British” word. Funny, I didn’t know Brittans had chiefs… ;D

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Definition tweaked from

Cartoons are original drawings by Stephanie Murphy.



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