Dear San Francisco Giants,

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. By position, at first. And then…well then it gets a little ridiculous.

1. Matt Cain is a BAMF!!! Shut-out pitching AND a clutch RBI in Game 7? Yeeaa, buddy!

Matt Cain perfect game images

Too much amazing to get with just one photo.

2. Buster Posey. Always in the zone: calm, cool, collected. And thanks for that GRAND SLAM to save us, BUSTER!!!!!! And that fine, fine booty of yours. That fielder is choice, indeed. *Ba-dum-CH!*

Buster Posey MVP giants grand slam


3. Surprise belts by Belt. After a season of first-pitch pop-ups, he hits a solo home run in Game 7 in the NLCS:

He hit the sweet spot.

4. SCUTAROOOOO!!!! He had a record-tying 14 hits in a single postseason series. Out of 29 at-bats. That’s a .482 batting average. IN THE NLCS!!!!!!!!! And that’s just offense.

Scutaro MVP NLCS 2012 Giants

Pure joy. XD

5. Pablo. Sometimes, man…

Call me old school, but I have an issue with the gum. Not the slugger’s bat, just the gum.

VIDEO: Crawford saves Pablo’s buttahfingahs.

6. Brandon Crawford’s hops:

Brandon Crawford can jump like nobody's business

Damn, son. Hellof core muscles.

7. When the steroids leave, the team steps up. (see: Barry Bonds, Melky Cabrera). Dodger fans can be bitter all they want, but we’ve still made it to the Series twice in three years with a goofy band of miSFits. BOOYAH!!

8. Angel’s in the outfield.

Angel Pagan unbelievable catch image

Ummmm WHAT?!?! Yea, he caught that.

9. Like the majestic pelican, Hunter Pence is an odd combination of awkward grace and sweet moves. Just watch that guy bat, and try not to chuckle to yourself. Teeheehee…and then he gets two RBI. Dang.

Hunter Pence goes in the for kill NLCS 2012

Going in for the five-bomb.

Extra innings: Cutest bromance ever goes to Timmy and Wilson. Can’t get enough of their goofy-asstasticness.

Lincecum and wilson together forever 2012

Hug it out. Or shout out it. Hell, just keep doing that.

brian wilson before the beard

Yup, they were buddies before the beard…

Brian wilson and timmy fear the beard giants

..and they’ll be together to the end.

SF Giants pitching staff Lincecum Wilson images


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