The Word Wizard! Inklings

smurk media word wizard image

Winkings and inklings and twinklings, oh my!

“Do you know why I pulled you over?”

“Hmmm, I have an inkling…”

This word is a shy one. Tricksy? Indeed. Those inklings are lurking ’round mindbends like fiends. Where do they come from, where have they been? What are they saying, from the tips of our pens?

Keep your Fridays funky and fresh…and nerd out with your word out. ;D

As usual, the Wizard’s getting goofy today, unleashing some mischief for an action-packed weekend. Looking for more clues? Try flipping your vantage point. There’s a ‘ling on a swing with some fun friends in tow. Just keep right on reading, there are giggles below…

inkling: (n.) 1. A slight understanding; a vague idea or notion. A hint, an indication.

But really, there’s more, so much more to this ink. Its ‘lings tickle brains, teasing and taunting with winks. Drawing ‘way from safe dreams, their ‘prints aren’t pristine. They’re just piquing the curious in places unseen. So I’ve got my own meanings to add to the stock. Will you come walk the wood with me, ‘sploring doors to unlock?

inkling (revised) 2. That which emerges when ink speaks for itself. 3. Hints blinking whispering at the back of the mind. Creatures called from the source, with stories to unwind.

…or maybe it’s just the Sharpie fumes. In any case… Happy Friday, lovelies =}

inkling definition image smurk word wizard

Here are your hints: 1) super and shadow 2) a gull 3) ‘boarding 4) baleen 5) a mirrored monocle. bonus: cartwheels ;D

Definition tweaked from

Cartoons are original drawings by Stephanie Murphy.


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