The Word Wizard! Insha’allah

Friday’s are great for rituals. A morning run, your favorite lunch spot, prayers, phone calls, funky vocab, you know, personal enrichment stuff. Fridays also tend to bring a lot of chaos, maybe even some lost sanity. When I gotta let it go, I think ‘insha’allah.’

Lots of common Arabic phrases contain the word ‘Allah,’ or ‘God’. ‘Masha’allah is a praise to artistic beauty. ‘Bismillah’ invokes the name of Freddie Mercury. I mean…God. (Same dif.)


Insha’allah means ‘God willing / if God wills it’. It’s often used in response to direct questions about the future. I love the phrase because its meaning is flexible, and I don't think you have to believe in God to relate to it. Look:

“When is the wedding ceremony?”
“On the 8th, insha’allah.” <– 'if we are lucky enough to be on schedule with God/the universe/everything'

"When are you getting to the airport?"
"At 6 pm, insha'allah, insha'allah." <– 'if all goes as it should'

"Are we meeting for coffee next week?"
"Oh, that would be nice, insha'allah, insha'allah" <– 'We'll see.'

Sometimes I think of it as 'Ya never know what's possible.', or 'So much is out of our control– just chill out.'

Granted, I'm just a white girl from California who says 'dude' too much. I could be getting this all wrong. But hey, it's been one of those weeks. Crazyawesomemindblowing shit, plus wickedtwistedsickening turns of events. So to keep it pretty brief this week, I’ll close this mini spotlight on Islam with an appropriate joke from Jewish America.

"How do you make God laugh?"
"Tell Him your plans."


And for an extra dose of holy, or because I just couldn’t help it:


Image from,, and Third Strike.


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