An experiment in international community

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The beauty of low-tech design: accessibility.

Hello, and welcome!

Bienvenudo! Svagat! Ahlan wa sahlan! Buon giorno! Hajimemashite!

How are you? I’m good, thank you. It’s nice to meet you.

I must say, I’m very glad you’re here.

Crazy things have been happening all over the planet recently. Because of climate change, unstable economies, and diminishing essential resources, people are freaking out all around the world.

But not us. We’ve got this…right?

Even if there’s No Hope for the Human Race, I can’t tell you how AMAZING it’s been to see views to my site from all you beautiful people, from countries all around the world. I mean, look at this map: so cool!!!

smurk media international audience august 2012

Map of Smurk viewership over the past 7 days. The sun never sets on the Internet and its unprecedented possibilities.

Most of you originally visited Smurk to learn more about fencing and check out the sweet videos, but I see you’ve been sticking around lately… awww, shucks. Thanks for being curious 🙂

I’d love for you to stay, and you should definitely come back. That’s why I’m launching two new Smurk segments:

Stories International – Tales from around the world focusing on politics, identity, and current affairs.

United Cultures of America – News features on diverse cultures within the United States, connecting their experiences with the international community.

I’ve already written about Turkish politics and Mr. Davutoglu’s U.S. visit in 2012. (Merhaba, arkadaslar! Do you know where I can find the ‘yumusake’ and correct ‘s’ for WordPress?)

A side note for readers in Central and South America: I promise will talk about America as a continent, not just a country. I’m building up my knowledge in the region, so for now… do you know any great blogs on continental politics and current affairs? Please let me know in the comments below! I’d love to promote their content.

Here’s the super-short story of how I got here, to this very posting: In my brief time on this planet, I’ve found my purpose is to build relationships between unlikely allies. For this blog, that means bringing together global stories and voices.

One of the United States’ biggest weaknesses is its ignorance. Ignorance of the outside world, and of the incredible strength of its diversity. This creates huge problems, especially with our tendency to get riled up, rally the troops, and jump into the middle of business that isn’t ours.

On the flip side, extremists inside the U.S. get more media coverage than the moderate, reasonable majority. We must all seem like total nut jobs, if you believe big-name news media.

How can we unravel this clusterf@*# of misinformation to build trust across national, political, and cultural boundaries? How could anyone try to change so much misunderstanding into dialogue, and so much ignorance into empathy?

Through the Internet. And a blog, perhaps 😉

So I’m going to give it a go, and I need your help. Comment with the topic you care about most, either at home or abroad. Share these stories if you like them, and use them to start your own conversations.

Thanks again, friends! Can’t wait to hear & share our findings.

❤ smurphy

Images from FencingNetAll Star ActivitiesFencing OnlineFlickriver, and Global Ticket Market.


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