The Word Wizard! Sacrilege

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Making mischief, as usual.

Keep your Fridays funky and fresh…and nerd out with your word out. ;D

Departing from my previous ‘sounds-like’ learning theme, another trick I use involves imaginary conversation. If you can picture someone using a new word in conversation, it makes it easier to remember. The more ridiculous the characters, the better. (I almost put a unicorn, witches, and harlots in this one, just for the hell of it. But the unicorns need a break from all their meme gallivanting. And witches and harlots get awkward around nuns. Gotta keep the imaginary homegirls comfortable.)

sacrilege (adj.) : “1. the violation or profanation of anything sacred or held sacred. 2. an instance of this.”

This word is great for proclamations, particularly when they’re directed at people who are obligated to listen. To really get into the spirit of things, find a pulpit and dig down into your self-righteousness. Finger-shaking, raised eyebrows, and ominous tones are encouraged. I find that Admiral Ackbar’s voice works best for imagining the audio side.

get the smurk cartoon sacrilege

Hey, look– this cartoon is sacrilegious!

Current events context: The Vatican issued a statement “rebuking” an organization of American nuns for their approach to social service, and has appointed a bishop to oversee their reformation. There has been a large outcry against this reprimand from women’s groups, devout Catholics, and the general public. My favorite part? The Vatican said that nuns’ “silence” on the topics of abortion and birth control (and their emphasis instead on poverty and economic justice) equate to “radical feminism.”

If silence is a radical act of feminism, then I’d make a great nun. —-.—-

For further reading, check out these articles:

“Vatican Says U.S. Nun Association Doesn’t Adhere to Church Teachings,” on The Two Way: NPR’s News Blog.

“American Nuns, Conscience and the Vatican,” from the New York Times’ Opinion section.

“U.S. Nuns Face Vatican Rebuke for ‘Radical Feminism’ in Stances on Church Teachings, Social Justice,” from Democracy Now!

Images are original drawings by Stephanie Murphy, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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