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Yea, teleportation would be freaking suh-weeeeet. No more waiting in traffic, at bus stops, airport terminals… you get the idea. But until that glorious day when Scotty can beam me up, humans will continue to invent ridiculous ways of getting themselves places. Whether it’s in subways, over water, or through the air, Icarus and Daedalus have got nothing on these folks.

1. Use foot traffic to fuel subways: Ever wished that all that walking went toward something useful, besides burning off dessert? Geez, the energy crisis would be solved! (Well. . . maybe.) Tokyo subways stations are the busiest in the world, so the Japanese government has installed 25 square meters of piezoelectric floor tiles in front of turnstiles in two of its stations. Basically, when people step on them, the tiles absorb and store the vibrations, then that energy can be used to run the subway. WhooOOooaaa. Arigato, Japan…

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