Oh shoot, that person just told me their name 15 seconds ago. Aaaand…it’s gone. Blast! If it weren’t for that shiny object in the corner. . . ooo cheese dip! (Focus.) Are ya tired of new names slipping through the cracks and wormholes of your mind? Never fear, help is here. Jump down the wormhole. Work with that scattered brain. Make the most of its cray-cray moves. Try tricking yourself into saying a name twice in your head, with something amusing and relevant (in your imagination) in the middle. Getting distracted has never been so productive! Give it a shot:

1. Find weird connections using the music being played in the moment. “His name is Jake. Omg, I love Nicki Minaj. What other famous people have a name ending in -icki? Whatever happened to Ricki Lake? I just met Jake.” Booyah.

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