Oh I wonder, wonder…

Oh I wonder, wonder

 …how has our experience of love changed? With so much information in our lives, and so many options before us, does it still make sense to be looking for The One? Could a person have multiple ‘Ones’ in a lifetime? Could those relationships happen at the same time?

Romantic and sexual relationships hugely influence our identities, our choices, and our homes and families. I believe the joy is worth the anguish, though our emotions in intimacy are often much more complex than mainstream media portrays them. These four panels are my Book of Love thus far. Are there other ways to represent love that captures its complexity? Please, please me…by sharing your skin and shedding some light on the situation.

[Illustration: smurk media, 2012]

Materials: Resume paper, colored pencils, Mr. Sketch Scented markers (you know the ones…)

Supplementary materials: “The Book of Love”  – The Monotones


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